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The Brampton Volleyball League considers the safety of our members and community partners to be of paramount importance. As such, as we look towards a fully re-opened Ontario and its effects on recreational sports organizations like our own, BVL has developed and implemented detailed directives on how we can effectively manage our ‘Return to Play’ objectives.  A COVID-19 Oversight Group has been assembled, acting as the first point of contact for league members, community partners, and City officials, etc. and a thorough list of COVID-19 protocols has been compiled for reference/adherence, which can be found here: 


  • Matches are two games to 25 points with a 27-point cap, and a 40-minute time limit.
  • Co-ed teams must be comprised of both men and women, but the number of men on the court cannot exceed the number of women. There are special cases where teams may still play, but a point penalty will apply.

Non-Spiking : 3 men / 2 women – 5 point deficit

Co-ed 4s : 2 men / 1 woman – 5 point deficit

Spiking : 3 men / 2 women – 11 point deficit

  • There will be no referees.  Teams will keep their own score and call their own violations.
  • Contact with the net by a player during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. If 2 opposing players touch the net simultaneously, the ball is declared dead and is replayed.
  • No player may play a ball with their foot, if the foot is off the ground.
  • Teams will be ranked by:
  1. WINS
  2. WINS between the tied teams
  3. Plus/Minus between the tied teams
  4. Overall Plus/Minus
  • The beach 6’s will be played using all BVL indoor rules and not typical beach rules as stated below.



  • Open Hand Tips: You are not allowed to ‘tip’ the ball with your fingers as you would in the indoor game.
  • Screens: A player at the net may not block the receiving team’s view of the server.
  • Passing Under the Net: You may pass under the net as long as you don’t interfere with the play.
  • Held Balls (Lifts):  The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown. The ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of a player’s body.

Exception: In defensive play of a hard-driven ball (a ball that has NO ARC), the ball may be momentarily lifted or pushed, with the fingers, (i.e. a volley) provided the attempt is one continuous motion and the player does not change the direction of that motion while contacting the ball.

  • Attackers: All four players on the court may attack at the net.  There is no attack line.
  • In Or Out:  If the ball lands on any part of the tape, it is considered to be ‘in’.


    Beach Rules Revised: May 23, 2023

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