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Welcome to the Brampton Volleyball League Online Registration for teams and individuals

Online registration begins on April 10, 2018 and closes May 7, 2018 at 11:00pm.


PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST have a valid email address to receive registration confirmation.  PAYMENT is by CREDIT CARD ONLY and must be made AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.  All teams registering with the BVL MUST provide a Captain with a valid email address.



Team Registration


You will require:  

  • a valid and accessible email address 
  • a valid credit card 
  • a designated captain (If not yourself) with a valid email address.  It is the Captain who is notified of all schedule changes etc. 
  • fee schedule

 You should begin to collect:

  • email address for all players you intend on registering to your team. 


Individual Registration 

 You will require:

  • a valid and accessible email address
  • a valid credit card 



  • ******ALL teams will be required to submit their rosters ON-LINE******
  • ******Individual registrant confirmation emails etc will be handled by the Administrator.******
  • ALL Team Captains will receive an email notifying them of their login information once the Administrator confirms your team registration. 
  • Roster FAQ here 

Registration Confirmation

 Registration Enquires:  

Operational Rules

  • All players should  read and understand the BVL Operational Rules available on the website prior to the start of the season.  All inquiries can be sent to

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Registration Information

Registration Instructions

Upcoming Events

 There are currently no events posted.


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