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The Brampton Volleyball League considers the safety of our members and community partners to be of paramount importance. As such, as we look towards a fully re-opened Ontario and its effects on recreational sports organizations like our own, BVL has developed and implemented detailed directives on how we can effectively manage our ‘Return to Play’ objectives.  A COVID-19 Oversight Group has been assembled, acting as the first point of contact for league members, community partners, and City officials, etc. and a thorough list of COVID-19 protocols has been compiled for reference/adherence, which can be found here:  CLICK TO VIEW




  • Times on the schedule are EXACT.  All games will end at the time limit.
  • Matches are two games to 25 points with a 27-point cap, and a 40 minute time limit.
  • There is a 5-serve limit in both co-ed 4’s and 6’s, (co-ed non spiking uses a 3 serve limit)
  • You may never intentionally kick the volleyball.
  • There will be no referees.  Teams will keep their own score, and call their own violations.
  • The top 2 teams in each tier will move up to the next tier, and the bottom two teams will move down a tier.
  • Teams will be ranked by
    • WINS
    • WINS between the tied teams
    • Plus/Minus between the tied teams
    • Overall Plus/Minus
  • All players are required to play barefoot. ‘Sand socks’ and ‘Aqua shoes’ are permitted.
  • The beach 6’s will be played using all BVL indoor rules and not typical beach rules as stated below.


BVL RULES FOR CO-ED 4’S (Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY)

FIVB beach rules are in effect and will be followed with the following exceptions/clarification:

  1. Open Hand Tips: You are not allowed to ‘tip’ the ball with your fingers as you would in the indoor game.
  2. Side Sets: It is illegal to volley the ball over the net in a direction not perpendicular to your body.
  3. Screens: A player at the net may not block the receiving team’s view of the server.
  4. Switching Sides: Due to wind and sun teams may switch sides on every multiple of 10 points. 
  5. Passing Under The Net: You may pass under the net as long as you don’t interfere with the play.
  6. First Contacts: A player may have successive (double) contacts with the ball during a single attempt to make the team’s first contact provided the fingers are not used to direct the ball in an overhand motion (i.e. a volley). IF THE BALL HAS ANY SPIN, IT IS CONSIDERED TO HAVE BEEN DOUBLE CONTACTED. 
  7. Held Balls (Lifts):  The ball must be contacted cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed, caught, carried or thrown. The ball cannot roll or come to rest on any part of a player’s body.
    1. Exception: In defensive play of a hard-driven ball (a ball that has NO ARC), the ball may be momentarily lifted or pushed, with the fingers, (i.e. a volley) provided the attempt is one continuous motion and the player does not change the direction of that motion while contacting the ball.
  8. The Block: The block in 4’s volleyball is considered your first contact. The same player may make the second contact
  9. Attackers: All four players on the court may attack at the net.  There is no attack line.
  10. Rotation: Players may play any position at all times. However, all four players on the court must serve in rotation. 
  11. In Or Out:  If the ball lands on any part of the tape, it is considered to be ‘in’.
  12. Number of Players: The number of women on the court should be equal to or greater than, the number of men.  If a team is short a female player, they may:
    1. Play with an one male, and one female (no penalty).
    2. Play with two men and one woman, and start with a five point defecit.
    3. A player that arrives late will be allowed to join the game after the next stoppage in play (ie before the next serve). If his/her team has chosen Option 2, the opponent will retain the 5 points previously awarded.

Beach Rules Revised. June 24, 2008

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