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BVL Update - June 27, 2020

Hello BVLers,

We truly hope everyone is doing well during these difficult times.  Many of you are looking for an update on the early cancellation of our 2019-2020 indoor season and we sincerely appreciate your patience thus far. Sorting everything out, with regards to permits, refunds, rebates, etc. has been a challenge, but we definitely want to thank Indru, Lee, and James who have been working hard to finalize all the particulars.

We’re happy to confirm for those who paid/played during the 2019-2020 season that a partial refund will be coming; for the cancelled portion of the season.  Refunds will be sent to Team Captains who, in turn, should then distribute the funds to team members accordingly. 

However, to ensure the cheques are delivered promptly, we ask that Team Captains to please login via the BVL website and verify/update their mailing address on file.  Note: This is NOT done via Captain’s Corner. Rather, from the main page, under League Information, click on “My Profile”, then follow the instructions for access.

This needs to be done by no later than Sunday July 5th, 2020.

If you have any questions or require assistance with this, please send an email to: – we’re happy to help!

With regards to the possibility of a beach season, chances look rather slim, based on where Brampton stands with the provincially mandated phases for re-opening.  We will continue to monitor the situation for changes that might allow us to have a shortened beach season and/or pick-up games. 

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An Update for All BVL Members...

We hope all is well with you and your families and friends! 

Under normal circumstances the tension and trash talking would be in full effect this week as we would be nearing the end of playoffs and gearing up for our year-end festivities.  Unfortunately these are not normal times!    As you’re aware, our season came to an abrupt end with the closure of the school boards, which was quickly followed by the Brampton Covid 19 Emergency Measures By-Law that closed all recreational facilities.   

Lee has been busy reconciling our finances to get a picture of where we ended the year, however gym time refunds are just starting to come in from some of the facilities so it will take some time to assess the full impact to our bottom line.   As you know, the BVL is a not for profit organization so we will endeavor to disburse a surplus back to the members.  As yet it’s unclear what that’s going to look like – much will depend on the amount of surplus but we will be either refunding a portion of the registration fees, or alternatively ordering shirts or something similar for all teams/members.   We will be communicating further on this directly with the team captains.

A few other things are impacted by the closures:

  • Our AGM would normally have taken place this month but we will be deferring this to coincide with the fall/indoor Captain’s meeting (October).  Failing that, we will try to accommodate this requirement by Webex or similar platform.

  • Beach registration would normally have opened this week but given that we’re still under the Emergency order for an indefinite period of time, we are holding off until we have a clearer line of sight to when things may open.  

  • Beach season would normally kick off May 19th but given that the City of Toronto has already extended their order until the end of June, we’re not hopeful that we’re going to be back to the courts any sooner than that.   Again we’re continuing to stay engaged with the City and once they start to open facilities and also once society as a whole is in a position to reengage in social activities we will re-evaluate.  If we get the all-clear to run an abbreviated season this summer we will do so.

Stay tuned to your emails as well as our Facebook page for further updates.  Thanks again to all of the exec – Lee, Theresa, Marg, Veteun, Liz, and James for making it happen!

Stay safe and healthy!

Indru Gidvani
President, Brampton Volleyball League

Brampton Volleyball League

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A little update - More to follow soon..

The BVL execs have been corresponding with community partners these past few weeks to sort out the permit cancellations, refunds, rebates, etc. We’ll communicate more information by email as our year end position becomes more clear.

With regards to the beach season, it's really all up in the air at this point in time. With the uncertainty of how the COVID-19 situation will play out and how long it will affect social practices and activities, we will have to play it by ear. If there is any chance we can salvage some playing time this summer, maybe even with a shortened season, we will certainly try to make this happen for BVL members.

Stay tuned for more information from Indru and the Execs in the upcoming weeks. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

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To all BVL Members, Family, & Friends

As you’re aware by now, on March 12, the Minister of Education issued a Ministerial Order to close schools across the province for a two-week period following the March Break. We’ve been receiving further details throughout today from our various partners and it’s now unanimous that all of the facilities that we use – Public and Catholic Board schools as well as City of Brampton recreation centres will all be closed from March 14 to April 5, inclusive.

As such, all BVL programming is on hold, including league games as well as pick-up volleyball.

Our intent at this point is to resume regular schedules effective Tuesday April 7 pending any further disruptions. Our schedules posted online will be updated as required the weekend of April 4/5 once we are confident that the facilities will be available to us the following week. Once we have more clarity around this, we will communicate any other changes including potentially extending the season.

We will continue to take direction on public health matters, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), from our facility partners as well as regional, provincial and federal public health authorities. The landscape surrounding this issue continues to change rapidly and we will endeavour to keep you updated as quickly as we can. Please keep an eye on our website, as well as our Facebook page, for the most current updates.

Note also that our AGM was scheduled to be early April but will likely be pushed to April 13 or later.

Preventing Further Spread

To further assist with containing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we also stress and emphasize the following behaviours:

-Don't lick the volleyball

-Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (20 seconds) or alcohol-based hand sanitizer

-Sneeze and cough into your sleeve

-If you are ill or are showing any symptoms, stay home

-Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

-Avoid contact with people who are sick

-Clean volleyballs regularly (Note: Mikasa recommends using soap and water to clean balls as more astringent cleaners may compromise the integrity of the ball)

Any questions, concerns etc., please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Stay safe & enjoy time with your families!

Indru & the BVL Execs and Volunteers

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BVL on Facebook

For those Facebook junkies, the BVL page is now open - look up the group at "Brampton Volleyball League (BVL)".  Hopefully this will be a new way for members, teams and the league to communicate.  New content will be added over the next few days.

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