Women Only Wednesdays - Realignment Week 2- Oct 17, 2018  
BCSS   Notre Dame   Please arrive in time to help put up the nets.  If they are not put up on time then that cuts into YOUR game time.  If we all pitch in every week, we all play more!   # Team Name  
  a b c     a b c          
                      1 SETSY SERVERS  
6:15 1v6 3v5 2v4   6:30 1v6 3v5 2v4     2 NOT FAST, JUST FURIOUS  
6:30 4v6 1v5 2v3   6:45 4v6 1v5 2v3   ROSTERS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE THE START OF THE SEASON (OCTOBER 24th)    3 VB CHICKS
6:45 2v5 3v6 1v4   7:00 2v5 3v6 1v4     4 JUMP & BUMP  
7:00 4v5 2v6 1v3   7:15 4v5 2v6 1v3     5 LADY SPIKES   
7:15 1v2 3v4 5v6   7:30 1v2 3v4 5v6   6 NRG  
7:30 1v6 3v5 2v4   7:45 1v6 3v5 2v4     1 WONDER WOMEN 
7:45 4v6 1v5 2v3   8:00 4v6 1v5 2v3     2 MIXED NUTS
8:00 2v5 3v6 1v4   8:15 2v5 3v6 1v4     3 DIG IT  
8:15 4v5 2v6 1v3   8:30 4v5 2v6 1v3   4 ACE 2 3  
8:30 1v2 3v4 5v6   8:45 1v2 3v4 5v6   5 SPIKED PUNCH  
8:45 1v6 3v5 2v4   9:00 1v6 3v5 2v4   6 DIRTY GIRLS  
9:00 4v6 1v5 2v3   9:15 4v6 1v5 2v3       1 WILD SETS
9:15 2v5 3v6 1v4   9:30 2v5 3v6 1v4   Score of zero will be given to teams with unfinished rosters 2 WAY OUT
9:30 4v5 2v6 1v3   9:45 4v5 2v6 1v3   3 ORANGE CRUSH   
9:45 1v2 3v4 5v6   10:00 1v2 3v4 5v6   4 YAAAS  
  PLS!  Help take down nets!     PLS!  Help take down nets!     5 BUMP AND GRIND  
          6 HIT EM UP!  
Where and when do I play? 2 I'D HIT THAT
                          3 NET RESULTS
1.  Find your team name to the right - Note your tier colour and your rank in that tier   4 BRING IT ON
2.  Find your colour block on the schedule above.             5 WE GOT THIS
3.  The school is listed at the top and your start time is to the immediate left of your colour block.   6 HOT 2 VOLLEY 
4.  Share this info with team mates!  Arrive at least 15 min early to park/change/warm up.   1 BRAMPTON SHERWAY
5.  Games WILL start on time with, or without you.  Teams with less than 4 players WILL forfeit.   2 AVERAGE JANES
                              3 TEAM TASH
                              4 YOU'VE BEEN SERVED
So what the heck does ‘Realignment’ mean?         5 DAZED & CONFUSED
              6 KISS MY ACE
Realignment - the process of ranking teams so as to assure that the level of play is somewhat even  1 SET 2 U
or fair to all participants in each tier.  The first 2 weeks of the season, a team will play  all teams in 2 THAT'S WHAT SHE SET
their tier, then get realigned.  Depending on how a team finishes, the top 2 move up, middle 2 stay, bottom  3 BELIEVE
2 go down.  The ref will inform you.  This lasts for 2 weeks.  After that, round 1 starts and goes for 4 weeks.  4 OHH FUDGE!
Teams are realigned at the end of every round.  There are usually 5 - 4wk rounds in a season.  Good Luck! 5 REC' N BALLZ
New to the BVL?  Don’t know where you’re going?          
Put that fancy smart phone to work!  Here’s the address!          
Notre Dame Catholic School - 2 Notre Dame Avenue  Brampton, ON L6Z 4L5    
Terry Miller Recreation Centre - 1295 Williams Parkway • Bramalea Road & Williams Parkway     
BCSS - Brampton Centennial SS - 251 McMurchy Avenue S., Brampton, ON L6Y1Z4    
St. Thomas Aquinas - 25 Corporation Drive Brampton, Ontario L6S 6A2    
CastleBrook SS - 10 Gardenbrooke Trail, Brampton, Ontario L6P3L1